Many of us experienced getting a color treatment on our hair and know that the better the condition of your hair, the better the color treatment will look. Skin absorbs sunless solution similarly to hair. Proper skin maintenance is essential to having a flawless looking vibrant tan instead of an uneven dull tan. Everyone’s skin sheds naturally, but not evenly. To prepare for your sunless tan, exfoliate your skin a day or two in advance and make sure that your skin is clean and free from any applied barriers like lotions creams and make up immediatly prior to your sunless session. This will help prepare your skin for our sunless tanning solution.


After your sunless session wait at least 3 hours before bathing. For every hour after up to 12 hours your sunless tan will continue to darken. Most clients seem to either shower after 4 hours or the following morning. For your first shower after your spray tan do not use soap or harsh shower gels that can dry and strip your skin and remove your tan. Just rinse your skin in warm water till it runs off clear. Then hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Of course we have our favorite tan - maintaining lotions that we both use and sell . But you don’t  have to buy our products to keep your tan looking great. Be conscious about what you purchase, read labels and be religious about using it. Always moisturize immediately after your shower before you have fully dried. And because skin doesn’t  shed evenly on it’s own, consider keeping your self an exfoliating schedule of every 3-5 days so that your airbrush or spray tan will fade more evenly .

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Sunless Tanning

Prepare for your Sunless Tan
How to care and maintain your new Sunless Tan.